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Need a Heat and Ice Pack, we have it at reception. Newmarket Clinic.

Grice Chiropractic carries CryoBlaze hot and cold gel packs by The Vitality. Flexible when frozen, microwave safe, reusable, affordable, latex free and non-toxic.

Heat and Ice Packs

The Vitality CryoBlaze Hot & Cold Packs

Cryo Blaze Hot Cold Gel Packs are a premium hot/ cold pack that can be microwaved for heat or kept in the freezer for cold therapy. Reusable gel cold /hot pack is non-toxic and latex free. Great for use on knees, arms, ankles, neck and back etc. 

  • Reusable Hot & Cold compress
  • Stays flexible, even when frozen
  • Non toxic
  • Latex free

CryoBlaze products we carry:

CryoBlaze  (Small 5" x 10") 

CryoBlaze (Small 5" x 10") 

CryoBlaze  (Large 10" x 12")

CryoBlaze (Large 10" x 12")