Heat and Ice Packs

The Vitality CryoBlaze Hot & Cold Packs

Cryo Blaze Hot Cold Gel Packs are a premium hot/ cold pack that can be microwaved for heat or kept in the freezer for cold therapy. Reusable gel cold /hot pack is non-toxic and latex free. Great for use on knees, arms, ankles, neck and back etc. 

  • Reusable Hot & Cold compress
  • Stays flexible, even when frozen
  • Non toxic
  • Latex free

CryoBlaze products we carry:

CryoBlaze  (Small 5" x 10") 

CryoBlaze (Small 5" x 10") 

CryoBlaze  (Large 10" x 12")

CryoBlaze (Large 10" x 12")