Dr. Kevin Grice, Dr. Adrian Grice, Dr. Leslie Grice and Dr. Kyle Grice

Dr. Kevin Grice, Dr. Adrian Grice, Dr. Leslie Grice and Dr. Kyle Grice

At the present time the Grice Chiropractic Family represents over 110 combined years of chiropractic practice experience and still climbing. But more importantly, what is a chiropractic family? Our family started, as with many our patients, with chiropractic treatment and this experience has resulted in now two generations of chiropractors.

The family experience started with grandpa getting treatment for severe disabling headaches, followed by treatment of his 15 year old son Adrian for a then unknown condition now called neck tongue syndrome. This condition was initiated with certain neck movements causing a sharp head and neck shock and spasm eventually severe enough to cause momentary blackouts. Several doctors were consulted the symptoms were unknown and no suggested medical treatment could be offered other than sympathy for a weak young boy.

Chiropractic treatment to the neck completely resolved the problem leaving a lasting impression in the teenager’s mind who then decided to become a chiropractor to help others. The result was a chiropractic family that utilized chiropractic first, for their health. Our chiropractic philosophy emphasized the importance of a balanced natural lifestyle with exercise, good nutrition and maximization of our bodies’ inborn adaptive and self healing mechanisms. Experience and now growing evidence has demonstrated how chiropractic treatment assists the body’s self healing mechanisms and indicates that spinal correction is important as our first line of defence for health conditions and pain.